Removals & shipping

Property promotion

PICT3857Chelgate is one of a small number of public relations firms that have a track record of promotion in the removals and shipping industry. For almost a decade, Chegate has worked with a number of removals companies, providing a variety of services including:

Media relations

There are always a variety of opportunities in local, national and consumer media. Also, the trade media should not be ignored. We have a wealth of experience in identifying news and feature material, and placing this in the media.

Customer relationship management

Once a prospect is identified, the process by which that prospect is converted, nurtured and retained is a crucial one, especially when many decisions to purchase removals services are repeat business or based upon recommendation. We have assisted in developing effective customer relationship management plans looking at IT systems, points of contact with the propsect/customer, the channels of communication, and how to stay in touch after they have moved.

Online sales opportunities

Finding the prospects is always a challenge, especially with today’s constantly changing technology. Gone are the days of listing in Yellow Pages – the internet is the king now. Effective websites that are ranked by the search engines, and which engage with the visitor are important if internet traffic is to be harvested. We have a very effective ICT team that can design and develop websites and website platforms, write the content, and then laucnh and market a website. We can implement search engine optimisation to ensure the website is ranked on the first page for key words.

Seeking sales opportunities

Traditional methods of sourcing sales opportunities are still useful. Some exhibitions, sponsorships and other networking events can be useful in raising profile and identifying prospects. We have in recent years arranged exhibitions, events at the Houses of Parliament, sponsorship of St George’s Day, events with Miss England and the Loving Cup of England, driving days at Lotus, flying eperience days at Duxford and sponsorships at Royal shows.


Referrals through partnerships can be a useful, whether they be online or other. We have a strong track record of brokering agreements with agents, leading property websites, both UK and overseas, and with developers.

Product placement

Various opportunities exist for featuring in the various homes and property serials. We are well-known to the main television production companies, and have successfully negotiated such opportunities on a number of prgrammes.

Sales promotion

To support all of the above activities, we provide a variety of support services:

Branding and renaming

Marketing and communications strategy development
Brochure and other literature development (concept, design, copywriting, development)
Website development (concept, design, development, copywriting, hosting, maintenance, optimisation, online marketing
including cost-per-click programmes.
Exhibition stands (concept, design and production)
Media training
Issues and crisis management
Newsletters (design, copywriting, production, hosting, distribution, monitoring)
Direct mail (concept, design, copywriting, distribution)

For further information about our services, please contact Michael Hardware, executive vice-president on 020 7939 7939 or email.