Our planning work

Cardinal Place, Victoria, London

Over the last almost three decades, Chelgate has built a reputation as one of the country’s leading practices handling communications and public relations surrounding planning applications, including stakeholder engagement and community consultation.

We have handled all types and kinds of projects, including contentious, high profile and the complex. These have ranged from major leisure villages to a national memorial in London, from a solar farms to fracking, and from mixed use regeneration in Central London to regeneration of former airfields.

As well as the most challenging projects, we have also handled numerous commercial and residential developments for various major house builders, developers, consultants, clients and funders. The obstacles and opposition at each have meant evolving individual strategies to sustain productive relationships and achieve intended outcomes.

Typical residential development siteOur team consists of current and former councillors, including planning committee members, a former property developer, former and current journalists, and environmental campaigners. Click here to view more details about our team.

Our service is tailored to the client, and the particular project requirements, but could include development land assessments, strategy development, stakeholder and community engagement, community consultation, media relations, issues and crisis management, collateral development and training.

Our innovative approaches to consultation, both online and face-to-face, have proved very effective in motivating the usually silent majority in participating. Our programmes always address the major obstacle to effective planning consultation: the information vacuum and the prevalence of rumour and hearsay undermining the entire process.

For further information about Chelgate Local, our planning communications, division, please go to the dedicated website. If you would like to talk to an executive about our development planning and community relations services, please contact Julian Seymour, director, on 020 7939 7949 or email.