Digital communications

Website development, online marketing and optimisation

The internet has changed public relations. While the corporate media are still important, the internet lets you engage directly and has created a flatter, more democratic network of influence and information. Chelgate’s online PR expertise will help you find your key targets online and engage with them directly in the spaces where they produce and share content. Our website designers and search engine optimisation specialists will assist with the other key online marketing imperative: to help your targets find you.
While traditional media monitoring lets you see what the media are saying about you, new online sentiment monitoring software lets you see, for the first time, what real people are saying about you online.

Digital communicationsAt Chelgate we bridge the world between traditional public relations and the fluid world of electronic communications. Combining proven public relations, media relations, and marketing skills with real, hands-on strength in digital communications, we bring our clients a range of specialist capabilities from digital strategy, website development, and online marketing. Whether you have clear objectives or require a complete start-up digital communications plan, we can help you achieve your goals through our carefully managed and highly skilled approach.

We know that one size definitely does not fit all and we offer a bespoke digital services package to best suit your organisation.

Chelgate’s services to help you online include:

  • Website design and development
  • Search Engine optimisation
  • Online advertising
  • Social media
  • Marketing and direct mail
  • Online sentiment monitoring