Corporate Communications

Chelgate’s approach to corporate communications is underpinned by the belief that successful organisations must build and sustain positive relationships with key stakeholders. These can include government bodies and regulators, local communities and the general public, pressure and special interest groups, and perhaps most important of all, the organisation’s own workforce.

The importance of good two-way corporate communications in this process is central. In any human exchange it is as important to listen as to speak. Equally, it is vital to know what is being said about you, so that you can be well-informed and can respond. Hence monitoring of print media, broadcasts, online, and social media can be important to good communications.buc 9

Good PR is not only about communications. It is also about how organisations behave, how they sustain what they say by what they do. Corporate conduct can have a huge impact on reputation and relationships. We help our clients understand this dynamic, to assess (and reassess, if need be) and plan corporate actions in the light of critical relationship objectives and the implications of their own behaviour on them.

We deploy a range of specialist techniques to help our clients build the most effective patterns of communication with their vital publics.