Public Relations

Public relations: the planned creation and management of positive and productive relationships between an organisation and its principal publics.

This is what Chelgate delivers.

We believe that corporate relationships are pretty much like other human relationships. You create them, shape them and nurture them in two ways: by communication, and, perhaps more important, by behaviour.

An important part of our work at Chelgate is looking at the impact of corporate actions on key relationships. We may advise on steps to take, and actions to avoid, and working with our clients we devise patterns of corporate behaviour that serve to reinforce and sustain their relationships.

At the same time, of course, we focus on communications. That’s two way communications. You will never be a good communicator if you don’t know how to listen. So, we help our clients listen. We use a wide range of research and feedback techniques to help them monitor the attitudes, needs and aspirations of their key publics. We also recognise that “snap-shot” research has only limited value. The fact that 50% of the public hate you can achieve a very different complexion if you know that last month the figure was 10% or 90%. Attitude is a dynamic process, and we work with that dynamic.

But an organisation has to know how to communicate its message, too, and that is of course a central element in almost any public relations programme. But, although the media offer a powerful and effective conduit for your messages, you need to plan your media relations within the context of a whole host of other communications, on- and offline.

Chelgate brings together experts in corporate communications, marketing, political relations, media relations, issues management and others, to work as a single team to provide a complete and integrated corporate public relations service tailored to the individual needs of each client.