European government relations

European government relationsChelgate has had an office in Brussels for over 10 years. Founded and still managed today by Nick Wood-Dow, Chelgate’s Deputy Chairman, the office is home to all of our Brussels-based European government relations business. Sitting at the centre of Eurpean government, Brussels is a vital political hub, and our office there provides access not only to the European Union, but also to NATO, the WHO, the ILO, World Bank, African Union, and various UN agencies including UNESCO and UNHCR.

European government relations

Under the leadership of Nick Wood-Dow, Chelgate’s Brussels office handles European government relationships for clients in the UK and abroad.

European government matters to almost every business operating in the UK and Europe. There are three strands to Chelgate’s Brussels service.

Firstly, we provide up-to-the-minute intelligence into political developments in Brussels. We understand the complex cycles and procedures of European government – in particular in the Commission and in Parliament – and we know where to turn for vital information. Our intelligence is relevant to commercial and political clients, including those from outside of Europe.

Secondly, we give clients the analysis and understanding they need to operate effectively in Brussels. European government is famously bureaucratic, and uniquely structured. We know what, and who, is relevant to our clients’ interests, and we are expert at explaining – concisely and clearly – which European legislation, regulations, executive decisions and elections really matter to them, and why.

Thirdly, we give clients influence over European policy-making, legislation and regulations. Operating within a strict ethical and legal framework, we allow clients to make their views about upcoming European decisions known. Our European practice is not about junketts, improper relationships or inappropriate influence: businesses have a right to make their cases as politicians consider their regulatory choices available to them. We help clients make their cases effectively, to the right audiences, at the right time. Commissioners and cabinet members value the input of relevant, often expert members of the business community.


Office address:
Rue Breydel 40,
1040 Brussels, Belgium

Chelgate’s Brussels operations are managed from our London headquarters. Please contact London to speak about your requirements.