PR for schools

Chelgate has over 20 years of unique experience in the education sector. Our clients have included leading independent schools (both secondary and primary), FE colleges, examinations boards, and international and UK-wide educational suppliers.

Our work with schools

PR for schoolsOur work in the sector clients spans a range of client needs, and is delivered on a number of different levels.

As strategic consultants, Chelgate will often work with schools’ senior management to review and implement strategies designed to protect and promote reputation, and to shape critical relationships with key publics and stakeholders.

Often, our strategic work will also address significant issues facing a school, whilst our crisis management services are called upon both to prepare against crisis, and to respond to crises when they occur. Crisis preparation work can range from an audit of existing procedures to preparation of crisis plans and training of crisis team members. We also create and direct full scenario crisis rehearsal days, and if a crisis does strike we can deliver all appropriate support resources, from strategic counsel to hands-on media management (including social media), as required.

Education clients will frequently have internal or external resources already providing day-to-day marketing and media relations support. In these cases, the strategic service provided by Chelgate is tailored to complement and integrate with these existing resources.

At other times, Chelgate is asked to provide a full marketing support public relations service, ranging from brand development to media relations and online promotion (including website, Twitter, Facebook etc., as required).

Our clients are schools that want to develop or protect their reputations, whether at a local, national, or global level. We understand the diverse audiences that schools in the state and private sectors have to address, and we understand the special social conventions and channels of communication that prestigious, established schools must manage.

We also understand that schools face unique challenges, different from those in business or in government. Schools have a heavy duty of care, for instance, and can be engulfed by a perceived failure in safeguarding. Furthermore, schools’ reputations are slow-moving. In spite of strong teaching, examination results and extra-curricular activities, a school’s reputation can lag years behind the positive reality. A school that does not take control of its reputation can find their brand still being shaped by the school’s behaviour two decades earlier, when the parents of today’s prospective students were themselves attending the school.

Chelgate and the sector

Chelgate staff follow the education sector closely, staying abreast of political news and topical issues in the press. We bring clients into personal contact with leading politicians in the sector, and with thought leaders and journalists shaping the conversation about education in the UK press.

DSC_0090For several schools we have assisted with the filming of fly-on-the-wall documentaries for television. This included initial discussions and negotiating the agreement with the production companies and television channels, assisting with issues during the filming, determining likely issues when the series were to be aired, ensuring that the school’s vital interests are fully protected, and preparing the school for media following broadcast.

Starting a relationship with Chelgate

If you would like to discuss how Chelgate could support your school or business in the education sector, please contact Terence Fane-Saunders by email, or call 020 7939 7939.