Mainstream energy and utilities

Sunset Photo by Daniel Sinoca

Chelgate has worked as public affairs, public relations and issues management advisers in most areas of energy supply. For one of the world’s leading oil companies, we handled public affairs and issues management including advising on international and UK issues, with emphasis in energy policy in the European Parliament, relationships with special advisors, think tanks and pressure groups within Westminster.

For the national radioactive waste advisory agency, we were involved in advice on political issues and government relations. This included intelligence gathering within the European Parliament and UK government, organisation of events at the party conferences, events with UK politicians, and advising on government strategy on radioactive waste and nuclear power.

For the market leader in gas supply in the UK, Chelgate was retained by the business division, which wanted our help and advice on business gas issues. Chelgate handled a long term programme to promote alternative fuels and natural gas vehicles. This included media relations demonstrating ministers driving duel-fuelled vehicles and working with the Government Car Service, and working with the Treasury to achieve a tax differential for compressed natural gas in the Budget.

Chelgate’s worked as media relations advisors to the newly formed Energy Saving Trust, which was created by the Prime Minister for the 1992 Earth Summit at Rio de Janeiro, as public affairs advisers to AEA Technology, and handled assignments for the Combined Heat and Power Association.

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