Consulting and advice

PR ConsultantChelgate advises clients on their handling of acute or crisis situations on a regular basis. Our clients are extremely diverse.

We have particular experience of advising on crises in the fields of fine art, oil and gas, controversial construction and planning permission, and working with large land-holding estates in rural and urban Britain. But there are few fields in which we have not worked.

How we advise

Chelgate typically advises the senior management of a client, be it a company, a charity, or another form of organisation. This is because our service extends far beyond the boundaries of regular PR advice. We do not simply advise clients how to speak or write. We are hired by clients who value the advice we give about all aspects of their behaviour contributing to their public image or relationships. Consequently, our conversations typically range far and wide, and concern those with ultimate responsibility for the way an organisation is managed.

Generally, our relationships are long-lasting – sometimes over decades – and we, like our clients, place a very high value on discretion. Illegal activities aside, the candid discussions held in Chelgate’s meeting rooms or in our clients’ offices will, if the client wishes, remain permanently between the individuals present.

Depending on the intensity of the acute issue or crisis, our meetings can be regular, infrequent or intensive and constant over a given period of intense demand. We expect to work unusual hours for our clients, in recognition of the fact that crises rarely strike or develop only during convenient working hours.