Crisis Insurance

Working with leading insurers to provide PR support in times of crisis

Most responsible organisations and professionals give some thought to planning ahead for the unexpected and unwanted – the acute issue or crisis they hope will not hit. For many, their management liability or professional indemnity insurance provides important levels of cover.

Hiscox crisis insurance, Chelgate PREven so, the gap in such provision has long been for communications. Yet when a crisis occurs – and almost inevitably it is one that has not been envisaged and prepared for – effective or conversely ineffective communications can make or mar a situation. How to respond to intrusive press enquiries, how to balance the expectations of staff and stakeholders for information with legal and security requirements, what tone to adopt, who to deploy as spokesperson – these and many other questions will arise and pose serious distractions from dealing with the crisis itself and recovering from it.

Chelgate’s work in crisis insurance

Chelgate’s exceptional level of experience in dealing with crisis communications has been recognised by leading insurers Hiscox, AXA and ARAG, each of which chose the firm on an exclusive basis to offer selected groups of policyholders communications and media relations support in an insured event where reputation could be at stake. Access to Chelgate’s senior advisers is available 24/7, year-round, for guidance or intervention.