Chelgate Romania

Chelgate’s Romania office is located in the centre of the country’s capital, Bucharest. Our office is Romania’s most successful foreign and independently-owned PR company, and is one of Bucharest’s most innovative agencies. It is our hub for all East and Central European operations, it is staffed by some of Bucharest’s smartest and most creative executives.

Chelgate Romania’s track record

Established in 2006, our office has a strong record of creating and maintaining long-lasting, stable client relationships with high-profile commercial and public sector clients. We continue to hold our first major contract with the European Commission. Originally the largest PR contract to have been struck in Romania’s history, we now hold a variety of major contracts with the European Commission and Parliament, and continue to service those contracts to the highest standards.

We have also worked with leading foreign and Romanian-owned enterprises, including Vodafone, as well as third sector bodies like the Romanian Banking Association. In all of our work, in all sectors of the economy, we pride ourselves on our ability to innovate, deliver reliably, and to communicate engagingly. We operate within strict ethical and legal rules, and are sensitive to the stringent anti-corruption standards of foreign companies operating in Romania – Romania today remains, in small parts, vulnerable to corruption, though the issue continues to improve.

LeadershipMirela Meita, Chelgate Romania, PR Agency Bucharest

Chelgate’s office is led by Dr Mirela Meita, Chelgate Romania’s General Manager. Mirela joined Chelgate in 2004, working at its London office. Prior to joining Chelgate, she was an advisor for three years in the foreign affairs department of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies. Before this she headed the office of its president for four years. More information can be found here.


Contact details for our London and Romanian offices, as well as our Brussels office, are available on the Contact us page. Chelgate Romania has its own webpage, which can be found here.