How the UK Made Fools of the Experts

MAKING FOOLS OF THE EXPERTS A Perspective on the Brexit Campaign By Terence Fane-Saunders This has been a bad time for experts As the people of Britain headed for their polling booths, the opinion polls were almost unanimous.  The Remain camp would win, and win comfortably. The financial experts in the City of London rushed Read More >>

New Managing Director at Chelgate

Chelgate has a new managing director, Liam Herbert. In his previous role as director of client services, Liam has been a key member of Chelgate’s senior management team since he joined us in 2014. Before that, he had held a number of senior management positions, both in-house and in consultancies. These included leading the external Read More >>

Blog: Managing Your Brexit Crisis

Brexit is not a seven day crisis; nor even seven week or seven month. In fact, in a long career of crisis management, I have never seen its like. Yes, of course, there are immediate issues to be addressed. In an utterly changed landscape, issues of confidence have suddenly been unleashed. Previously solid, secure, safe Read More >>

Elections 2016

May of this year saw elections to the devolved institutions in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as Mayoral elections in London and elections for local councils up and down the country. The Chelgate team have taken a look at what happened in elections 2016, looking at the results and what they mean. You Read More >>

New Blog: What We Should Learn from Donald Trump

Donald Trump doesn’t do hand shaking outside the local church. He rarely even stays the night in any one state. Rather than the folksy meet and greets previously the staple of Primary season, Trump opts for huge rallies, a relentless focus on spectacle and an unrivalled ability to court controversy. This is the new political Read More >>