LondonPR Agency London - Chelgate

Chelgate is headquartered in London with branch offices in Brussels and Bucharest, and a network of associates in every major business centre around the world. All international enquiries should go to our London office.

Office Address:

1 Tanner Street,
London SE1 3LE

Tel: +44 (0)20 7939 7939
Fax: +44 (0)20 7939 3938


Chelgate Romania

Chelgate’s Romanian office is a countrPR Agency Romania Bucharest- Chelgatey leader in providing public relations and public affairs services. We offer a comprehensive PR service, ranging from media relations to branding and strategic positioning, alongside our first-rate government relations capability and crisis management services.

For more information about Chelgate Romania, please click here; to visit the office’s English-language website, please click here. For in-country enquiries, please contact the Bucharest office. For international enquiries about our Romanian services from outside of Romania, please contact our London office (see above).

Office address:

Chelgate Romania
Str. Amman, nr. 14,
Sector 1, Bucuresti, Romania – Vezi harta mărită,

Tel: +40 21 2300724
Fax: +40 21 2300725

Email: Mirela Meita



Chelgate Brussels


PR Agency Brussels – Chelgate

Chelgate’s Brussels office does not manage accounts of its own, but instead manages the Brussels activities of London- and Bucharest-based clients. Please contact our London headquarters with any enquiries, and click here for more information.

Office address:

Rue Breydel 40,
1040 Brussels, Belgium