Chelgate is an independent PR company based in London.

Chelgate. Independent Public relations

Based in London, Chelgate is an independent public relations company founded in 1988.

With offices close to London Bridge station, and a network of associates in major marketplaces around the globe, we offer PR and public affairs services to clients in the UK and across the world. Alongside our main London office, we also have offices in Brussels and Bucharest. We offer a comprehensive range of services including public relations, public affairs, crisis management and international PR. From our base in London, we also operate international PR campaigns on behalf of governments, corporations and individuals, with special experience in Europe, West Africa, India and the Far East. An unusual characteristic of Chelgate is that we maintain a low profile for ourselves, and we choose not to advertise the great majority of our clients on our website. Given that we assist organisations and individuals in crisis, and are often engaged on sensitive strategic issues, Chelgate clients tend to value this discretion. It is an important principle of Chelgate’s that – in all of our PR work – the client, and never the agency, should be the only story that matters. Since we were established in 1988, Chelgate executives have combined experience, talent and independent thinking. All senior managers – including our chief executive – run important accounts in person. It’s one of many rare practices that we uphold today, and it’s one that sets us apart from the market. Chelgate has always been, and aims to continue as, a proudly different PR firm.


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Message from Terence Fane-Saunders, Chairman & Chief Executive, Chelgate Limited

Chelgate's philosophy

The vital difference
By Terence Fane-Saunders
Chairman and Chief Executive

Chairman's Blog

The blog of Chelgate's chairman and chief executive Terence Fane-Saunders, with some more personal views on the PR industry.

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